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Core Capabilities

Exception Alerting

  • We provide alerts to distributors and suppliers and catch any potential mistakes – the most important of which relate to non-priced items. We monitor to ensure full participation and a smooth exchange of information with retailers.

Inclusive (All Suppliers & Distributors)

  • Our pricing service – PricingGateway.com – provides a healthy ROI for manufacturers who outsource this important function.

Transform (ETL)

  • Our ETL tools enable us to normalize data and make it highly actionable. We deliver pricing information to you in the format you prescribe; how you want it and when you want it.

National Pricing Download

  • Ultimately, you’ll get all the pricing information – on all items, from all suppliers and distributors, in a consistent format that meets your requirements.

Publish / Subscribe Methodology

In the three-tier distribution model, there are publishers and subscribers.


  • Distributor Pricing
  • New Item Requests
  • Exception Reports
  • Maintenance Requests


  • Authorization data (UPC, STORE)
  • Planograms (Required for on-mod flag)
  • Product Information (ItemID, UPC)


  • Distributor Pricing
  • Authorization
  • Alerts


  • Product Attributes
  • New Item Requests (NIF)


  • Authorization
  • Item Status
  • On-Mod Reports
  • Alerts


  • Pricing Offers
  • Maintenance

Product Features

  • Simple Web UI/UX

    Distributors can login to update and download their pricing workbooks.

  • Data Validation and Error Correction

    Helps deliver accurate pricing information to drive smart procurement decisions

  • Drag and Drop Pricing Upload

    Make uploading pricing workbooks quick and easy

  • Secure and Encrypted

    All data transmitted to and from the website is secure following SSL protocols

  • Integrated Maintenance

    Distributors can provide item attribute updates to improve item quality

Push Reporting

Broad support (Suppliers / Distributors)

Web Analytics / Activity Tracking

Daily Price Availability

Making it easier for Distributors

Simple to use, automated, accurate pricing,

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