Andavi Solutions provides actionable data insights and analytics solutions for the beverage alcohol industry.

Andavi Solutions is building an integrated suite of technology solutions to provide insights, drive superior decision-making and ROI across the beverage alcohol supply chain.

Our Vision is to invest in leading software and technology companies, partner with best-in-class management talent, accelerate innovation, and build an integrated technology platform providing connected insights to suppliers, distributors and retailers.

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Our Approach

Our Partnership Approach

Identify Market Leaders

  • Leaders committed to quality development and technology solutions
  • Leaders strong focus on customer satisfaction and customer partnerships
  • We are pleased to introduce our newest subsidiary, GreatVines , the industry leader in sales execution

Target Profile

  • Complements Andavi Solutions end-to-end technology platform vision
  • Demonstrated track record of retaining and growing revenue with leading customers
  • Quality management team members looking to embrace next level of opportunities
  • Poised for growth through mergers, acquisitions, strategic partnerships, and new product development

Investment Criteria

  • Software and technology companies within beverage alcohol industry
  • Commitment to innovation and market leadership
  • Focus on customer satisfaction and long-term partnerships
  • High mix of recurring revenue
  • $0 - $20 million EBITDA; $1-$30 million annualized recurring revenue

Our Difference

  • Help owners achieve a fair exit outcome
  • Commitment to building on the successes of founders and management teams, while accelerating innovation and growth
  • Customer-first philosphy and emphasis on developing quality solutions which contributes additional value to our customer base
  • We embrace and empower capable management team members
  • Andavi Solutions aims to create continuous upside opportunities for our investors, employees, partners, and customers



Andavi Solutions is a software technology company formed by an experienced executive team with its investment partner Endeavour Capital.


Lisa Whinnie

President & COO
Andavi Solutions

Endeavour Capital
Rohan Khanna

Madison Park Group

James Tomasullo

Madison Park Group

Andavi Solutions is building an integrated technology solution suite to provide advanced data insights and analytics to the beverage alcohol industry. With the backing of our committed partners and experienced executive team, we aim to grow the platform through a combination of acquisitions and organic growth.

Our experienced M&A team is working to identify complementary technology businesses to be a part of our Andavi Solutions umbrella.

We are interested in hearing from entrepreneurs who have solved specific challenges in the beverage alcohol industry and would like to expand, accelerate innovation and become part of a larger organization.

Technology Segments within beverage alcohol industry:

  • Data Analytics
  • Data Management
  • Sales Engagement
  • Retail Execution
  • Supply Chain & Logistics
  • Field Service Management
  • Trade Promotion Management
  • Order Entry & Management
  • Direct Store & Driver Delivery
  • Analytics Reporting

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